Thursday, February 11, 2016

Macroplast: A leading electrical transformer manufacturer in India

Macroplast Private Limited was founded in the year 1981, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It was established as a small scale industry (SSI) to manufacture instrument transformers - current transformers and potential/voltage transformers. In the initial years, the company manufactured instrument transformers upto 33KV system voltage. As business grew and the company started getting more orders from its various customers, the company started moving up the value-chain and started manufacturing transformers upto 132KV system voltage. Today, the company has the technology and expertise to manufacture transformers upto 132 KV system voltage across its entire portfolio of products.  

In recent years, the company has also started manufacturing outdoor ONAN Cooled Distribution Transformers upto 630kv with system voltage of upto 33kv.

The current list of products manufactured by the company currently are-
  • ·         Epoxy Resin Cast Current Transformer
  • ·         Epoxy Resin Cast Potential (Voltage)Transformer
  • ·         Low Voltage Metering Cubicles
  • ·         High Voltage Metering Cubicles
  • ·         Low Voltage Current Transformers
  • ·         Outdoor Oil Immersed Live Tank Current Transformer
  • ·         Outdoor Oil Immersed Dead Tank Current Transformer
  • ·         Outdoor Oil Minimum Immersed Current Transformer
  • ·         Top Tank Outdoor Oil Immersed Potential (Voltage) Transformer
  • ·         Outdoor Oil Immersed Potential (Voltage) Transformer
  • ·         Outdoor Oil Immersed Combined CT PT Metering Unit
  • ·         Residual Voltage Transformer (RVT)
  • ·         Outdoor ONAN Cooled Distribution Transformers
  • ·         CT PT Junction Box

For the past more than three decades of its existence, the company has bagged several prestigious projects from various clients in India and abroad. It’s list of clients include several government owned state power utilities involved in power generation and distribution.  The company has been working with most of its clients for years due to its commitment to producing the best quality of products at the most competitive rates. Almost all its clients are repeat customer, which is as high as seventy percent. Not many companies can boast such high customer satisfaction and return rates.

The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which is located in Greater Noida, in the national capital region of Delhi, India. Its shop floor measures more than 35000 square feet. The facility has separate areas for winding, insulation and assembling of transformers.  There is also a very technically advanced testing lab in the factory premises which ensures that all products produced in the factory are high accuracy class in their performance. To maintain high quality of its products, the company fabricates all transformer tanks in-house. It is not outsourced to external fabricators to ensure only high quality  steel material is used for the production process. All tanks produced are removed of all rust and sand-blasted. They are then painted to ensure no rusting takes place. Only then are the transformers assembled to ensure high quality.

The company is managed by a highly resourceful management team. The management team comprises electrical and mechanical engineers, management graduates and senior finance professionals.

Macroplast Private Limited has all the required necessary quality certifications that stand testify its commitment to products quality.

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